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The Green Party

The Green Party distinguishes itself from the other main parties by the level of urgency we place on Climate Action and the need to integrate mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change into our decision-making.

To optimise Canada’s potential and that of all Canadians, to move beyond incremental changes on the status-quo, Canada need Green MPs who are hard-working, bold, innovative, and collaborative. We need Green MPs that will work to ensure that Canada is on the cutting-edge of modern, clean technology so that we invest in a long-term positive vision for our nation.  

The Green Party will never place pursuit of power above principle. We will not allow partisan politics to get in the way of good ideas and needed action. Our policies are realistic and down-to-earth. We adopt best practices that are cost-effective, deliver results, and benefit people, the economy, and the environment.

 In our green vision, Canadians enjoy a higher quality of life, experiencing health and wellness, education and meaningful work prosperity and economic success supported by ecological health.

 In our vision of Canada, ability or disability, economic, racial, or cultural backgrounds do not preclude individuals from contributing to and benefiting from a prosperous Canada

 Greens start with a vision of the society we want. Does it advance the common good? Does it advance global peace and security? Does it address the needs of children? Does it ensure Canada’s continued quality of life and economic health? Does it make families more secure? Does it protect, enhance, and restore the life support systems of the planet? Does it promote systems – cultural, institutional, and technological – that are resilient and capable of adapting to shocks in a more unpredictable world?

Green MPs will:

-set the standard for transparency and accountability (we were the first to scan all original receipts and post all expenses on our websites;

-conduct ourselves respectfully in the House of Commons, through our commitment to never heckle;

-practice ‘high road’ politics, never using ad hominem attacks, but sticking to the issues in debate;

-work hard, placing the interests of our constituents and of Canada above those of our party;

-be the only party with a policy of no whipped votes;

-strive to find common ground with other parties, working across party lines in the public interest

Principled Leadership

Elizabeth May has been voted Parliamentarian of the Year three times by MPs from across the political spectrum. She works tirelessly to build relationships and cooperation with other MPs and political parties to drive forward policies that are the best long-term interest of Canadian. As the Leader of the Green Party of Canada she is often the first MP out front speaking up for Canadians, as we saw with Bill C-38 and Bill C-51.